Thursday, November 09, 2006 - Trip to guan yin temple 09112006 :

So many people! I think today was the Guan Yin Dan, no wonder all the old folks of Singapore was there. With the exception of my grandma who is still recovering in hospital. Get well soon grandma!!!!

Note: Apparently Mom was there around 230pm but i had already left the place.

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Monday, October 23, 2006 - Destiny :

Yoz people sorry for the late update.....
as usual i am gng to say i been so busy that i gt no time to update my blog....anyway finally it is gng to less than 60 to the days of my student life.....gng to graduate by this yr end....HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! No more Exams!!!!!!!!!

Anyway thanks to my buddy that i am INSPIRED to write this entry ....she provoke my little brain to work extra hard today ....make me recalled this little phrase which i found so true after watching the Guess show( for those who dont knw wat this is it is actually a popular variety show in taiwan), they were guessing if this Female Feng Shui master was telling the truth, indeed she is the true Feng Shui master. She said something which made an impression, she says that destiny is something which you will nvr be able to change, looks change but the time which u die the time which u will meet ur ONE, who is ur ONE, all these will nvr change. It just means even if u go for plastic surgery it will not change ur destiny, but plastic surgery will only change the opinions of others towards you....

I do need some input regarding this issue???
Love to hear any feedback....:D

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 - EDMW :

OMG i cant believe i am browsing EDMW at this crucial timing which i shld be spending my time on my FYP....anyway found this interesting story at thet bo liao forum... enjoy...:D

Story Begin

I asked him
"Why cant i find the right char bo, i nouch bad wat"

then he reply

"you go to Padang, walk from 1 end to the other and pick up the nicest blade of grass u can find. But the rule is u can only pick 1 blade and cannot turn back"

I blur blur walk 100 m then come back empty handed. he ask me why:

"how come u empty handed?"

"cos i don dare pick, scared next blade nicer"

then he kock my head

"thats why u haben find ur char bo!!"

End Story

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Monday, August 28, 2006 - Updates :

Hi people....sorrie man was busy with school work and FYP during my weekdays tats why nvr update back here
Weekends now is offcially sports days...lolz....anyway all those are just plain excuses for the late update....

Oh ya.... i watched the particular CSI episode( U know AXN la they do repeat theirs shows in the late late nights....) and the phrase by the detective actually goes like this
" You just lost something more valuable.....Time....Time to make the most of what was left"

How true....times always slips pass us and when we realised it, it is usually too late....

So people i urge you to do what u wanna do immediately after thoughts arise, dont procrastinate......

Ok gng to catch my CSI nw...:D

Ciaoz people....

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 - CSI :

Who says u cannot learn any thing from drama.....

well i was reminded of something after watching tonight's episode of CSI: NY

We have one transplant surgeon who has a wife on the verge of death if she dont get a transplant(How ironic right??Haiz)He loves his wife so much that he decides to pay someone and also to pass a pistol to a guy who will rob a delivery truck which contains a liver which is compatible with his wife , the live is intended to be given to a guy who has been on the transplant list for 1.5 yrs....
However due to the compentent CSI the transplant surgeon was caught , and he argued that the liver shld not be given to the guy on that list since he was a alcoholic. The Inspector of the CSI show then told the surgeon something, instead of thinking of stuff to get his wife well again...why did he not just treasure the time which he has with his wife..wont that be more productive? hmmmm how true....

Sometimes( An understatement here thou, shld be all the time) we always take the carings from the ones around us for granted, after reading this i sure hope u all take some time off and care back for those around you. DONT WAIT!!!!!

Ciaoz.....till next time ( or maybe next time i watch CSI again? lolz...)

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Sunday, July 30, 2006 - Focus: Item List :

Ok the lazy bone struck again....which is why i nt been updating my dear blog again....sorrie pple...

anyway i did mention i need to focus right?

so here i am again....i will list out my stuff which i need to accomplish asap.....and of course in terms of priority

1. Final Year Project
2. Pass Exams
3. Get out of NTU
4. Get a Job
5. Buy my Car
6. Be nicer to my parents

P.S: Will update this entry once i found out certain stuff which i need to add in.....


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Thursday, July 20, 2006 - FYP FYP FYP FYP :

The last thing i need to get out of NTU......

ok lastest update....server completed with lots of bugs(and i mean a lot of bugs) in terminal mode

client completed in terminal mode too...GUI too difficult...might give up....

anyway nw i shld be doing my interim report, due next week monday.....written wat i need to write in the report nw to do the filling in.....

tats all people.....will update again.....(when i feel like it)

Robin blogged at 2:50 AM

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